Close collaboration allows RTS to adapt and meet the needs of customers worldwide.

"UPS has played an important role in our international success and cleared the way for us in many new markets." – Josef Raith, founder, RTS Elektroniksysteme
In the ten years they’ve worked with UPS, RTS Elektroniksysteme has grown into one of Europe's leading electronics service providers, repairing around 100,000 mobile phones, 120,000 televisions, 140,000 laptops and 240,000 large household appliances every year. This involves moving more than 10 million parts — including many highly sensitive electronic components — around the globe in an extremely complex logistics operation. Close collaboration with UPS account manager Erik Depick and his team has enabled RTS to work faster and more efficiently. In order to compete with local repairers, RTS must ensure that electronic devices are delivered, repaired and returned as quickly as possible. UPS built a world-wide return system for RTS, which created new, efficient and cost-effective ways to keep equipment and spare parts moving. Agility, efficiency and transparency were built in to the supply chain by linking the existing RTS software to UPS XML Shipping, which is free to UPS customers. This integrated shipping functionality and gave improved visibility, ensuring that RTS employees and customers always have the very latest information so that decisions can be made earlier. Every part of the business was examined to see where time savings could be introduced. Paperless Invoices were introduced and international deliveries were speeded up by having trade bills signed directly by the end user. Later collection times were introduced to give repairers as much time as possible, while still allowing repairs to reach UPS’s Cologne hub for night time sorting and delivery. RTS’s ability to act quickly is further enhanced by having a UPS employee permanently on site at their Sömmerda depot, to ensure that deliveries meet aviation security provisions and that international documentation is correct, so deliveries don’t get held up in customs. This close collaboration is key to business agility. It allows RTS to constantly assess every part of their operation, and has resulted in an even more efficient supply chain, improved packaging, faster customs clearance – and ultimately a better customer experience. Get in touch with one of our logistics experts, and find out how agile solutions could help with your personal export challenges.