Flexible delivery options and improved cash flow help flyeralarm grow across Europe.

“Fast, reliable delivery and improved cash flow have helped us grow.” - Thorsten Fischer
In eight years flyeralarm has gone from start-up to one of Europe’s leading online printers. Customers can go online and order from flyeralarm’s website, and high quality print work is delivered soon after. The challenge was to ensure that service levels could be maintained as the company grew. flyeralarm_bigpicture_imageflyeralarm offer hundreds of formats and millions of variants, and now take as many as 15,000 orders a day, some from remote areas, many extremely urgent. flyeralarm have built their reputation on being “fast, at a fair price and of outstanding quality”. UPS developed a solution package that would enable them to expand without compromising that service. Our extensive network and range of express options ensured deliveries were “fast and at a fair price”; while the depth of our network helped flyeralarm’s quality control, with later pick-ups allowing maximum time for production. Online printing companies find Collect on Delivery (COD) a useful payment option that helps simplify the process, but the COD options flyeralarm had tried resulted in them waiting a fortnight or more for payments. We ensure that money is paid into flyeralarm’s account within five days, which provides a positive impact to their cash flow given the sums involved. flyeralarm now has a system in place that allows for continued expansion, with improved cash flow for capital investments.