Reliable shipping around the globe keeps GN Netcom's customers happy.

“UPS listened to our needs and delivered. We achieved large cost savings, improved transit time, and complete visibility of transportation.” - Torben Madsen
Danish company GN Netcom is a leading manufacturer of headsets and speakerphones with customers all over the world, and ambitious goals for continued global growth. As the economy slowed, they needed to find a smarter, more flexible way to fulfil their customers' needs and manage supply chain costs. gnn_bigpicture_imageWe started by equipping them with a complete solution, local to where the product is manufactured, providing flexible transportation, warehousing, and technology solutions that doubled their supply chain productivity. By consolidating shipping and freight operations onto a common technology platform, they easily manage and track all shipments—freight, package, and air—and process customs documents. The technology solutions enhanced their visibility and control of supply chain costs. We also helped them design a range of customised transportation and warehousing solutions based on the individual needs of their global customers. Our trained staff help to manage fulfilment and determine the best transportation option for each order, balancing speed, cost, and customer needs. They now have solutions in place to help outperform their competition and double supply chain productivity, keeping Torben and customers around the world very happy.