Every day is a new trading and exporting opportunity for the team at PTS, as they strive for global growth.

Saying no to an export opportunity is not an option for Steve Edwards, his son Andy and the management team of Precision Technology Supplies (PTS), a UK based company trading in nuts and bolts. In the two decades since they started trading, the company has aimed for and achieved continual growth with exporting being a major contributing factor. Read about their success story here and how they have grown, from a single office with one man, to become one of the leading importers and exporters in their industry with further global expansion plans on the horizon. UPS-Export-Profile-PTS PTS believes their continued success will centre on exporting to new markets and strengthening the relationships they have already established. They are looking to do this by continuing to work closely with UPS, who are vital for them in this process to enable them to reach new markets. What has helped to drive their success: efficient proven logistics experts readily available to help and advise together with UPS's logistics tools such as real rime tracking and customs clearance. These services keep PTS and in turn their customers informed of where packages are and help to build customer loyalty where trust is so important. The team at PTS is looking to the future with confidence knowing that, by working with UPS to manage their exporting, they can continue focusing on growing the business globally. They have come a long way already, and that’s just the start of their journey.