UPS consultation and technology helps Tine K Home grow overseas.

“It means that from an island in the middle of Denmark we can sell to the world.” Tine Kjeldsen, Co-Founder, Tine K Home
Exporting items from the Tine K Home Collection on a large scale was proving to be a logistical nightmare, while packing and shipping were also time-consuming for the company. That’s where UPS stepped in. A combination of advanced UPS technology and ongoing collaboration means that Tine K Home can focus on selling their goods – which include unique handmade items co-founder Tine Kjeldsen finds on her visits to Vietnam, China and Morocco – to just about anywhere in the world. yoox_bigpicture_image Tine’s husband, Jacob, who runs the business side of things spoke to Karl, their UPS Account Manager, about how they could make things easier and ensure deliveries arrived safely. The collaboration led to the creation of a stronger box in which fragile items, such as lamps and pots, could be packed together. The new box is also larger, so Tine K Home can take advantage of the maximum size UPS allows for in comparison to other logistics companies. The new box has proved to be a faster and safer way to transport.
“We developed a new box which is a lot tougher. And this is a faster way for us to distribute. Collections and deliveries are arranged automatically ...” Jacob Fossum, Co-Founder, Tine K Home
For a company with fewer than eighteen employees, and with suppliers and customers all around the world, it’s important that shipping doesn’t take up too much time. UPS Import Control® helps prevent any unnecessary delays and costs, ensuring that Tine’s unique items go through customs with the least amount of fuss possible. Worldship® also helps take pressure off Jacob. Because the system is simple to use, it means that anyone in the company can use the software without lengthy training. Shipping arrangements are simplified and the software is integrated with the company’s accounting systems. It’s also easy to create email alerts for customers, so they know where their deliveries are. Tine K Home’s packages are labelled ‘Packed with love and care’. UPS software ensures that this care extends to global delivery and every part of the supply chain. Why not get in touch with one of our logistics experts and find out what we can do to solve your unique exporting challenges?