A comprehensive UPS solution gives wings to aviation technology company Gilo Industries.

“I had a lot of problems with every logistics company we used. Then I met Rachel from UPS, and it was absolutely night and day. She kept our customers happy.”
– Gilo Cardozo, Founder, Gilo Industries
Aviation technology company Gilo Industries was looking for a reliable logistics partner to manage its complex shipping challenges. UPS created a comprehensive supply chain solution for the young company and made sure its flying machines safely reached their destinations worldwide. Driven by the passion and ingenuity of its founder Gilo Cardozo, the Gilo Industries Group develops aviation and engineering products for commercial and recreational sectors. GILO-280x274[1]Cutting-edge technology, fresh thinking and sound engineering expertise led to an ever-growing customer base around the world. However, with its international growth, Gilo Industries faced increasingly complex supply chain challenges. As an aviation start-up, Gilo Industries sold their products online and used different logistics companies for each shipment – which led to inconsistent deliveries and an unsatisfactory customer experience. In 2010, Gilo Industries was looking for a single, reliable partner that could manage its shipping requirements. A variety of products, ranging from small, highly technical aviation parts to entire vehicles like the SkyRunner flying car, needed to be shipped around the globe, often in a very specific timeframe. UPS created a comprehensive supply chain solution and made sure that Gilo industries was set up to send its specialised components, parts and vehicles with ease – and with the confidence that their products will arrive safe and sound in the hands of their customers. UPS has been with Gilo Industries every step of the way since the beginning of their partnership, helping them push the boundaries of what’s possible – on land and in the air. Get in touch with one of our logistics experts and find out what we can do to solve your own unique supply chain challenges.