Advances in logistics technology step up service delivery for the United States high tech industry.

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Close co-operation between the US Congress, industrial manufacturers, university research and the military establishment contributed to the United States’ emergence as one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. From wearable technology to 3D printing, the US leads the world in high-technology research and development. From nanotechnology to photonics, the US has advanced capability. In other high-tech industries, it’s considered the world leader:
  • Aerospace: The US Department of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are the two largest consumers of aerospace technology and products. Boeing, United Technologies Corporation and Lockheed Martin are top manufacturers.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Apple’s Siri for iPhone, IBM’s Watson, and Xbox One’s The Kinect are all examples of some of the systems the US artificial intelligence industry has developed for knowledge, learning, and natural language processing.
  • Biotechnology: From agriculture to food production and medicine, the US is home to some of the world’s largest biotechnology companies. Among them are Amgen (Applied Molecular Genetics), Gilead Sciences, Celgene Corporation and Biogen Idec.
  • Information technology: US companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Intel have become household names around the world as leaders in hardware, software, internet, and e-commerce and telecom providers.
  • Semiconductors: Over 50% of the world’s top 20 semiconductor companies are American, including Intel Corporation, Qualcom, Micron Technology, Texas Instruments, Broadcom, AMD, Freescale Semiconductor, and NVIDIA.
  • Telecommunications: The world’s second largest global telecommunications company, AT&T, is American, followed closely by Verizon Communications. Other large US telecommunications companies are Cablevision, Level 3 Communications, and Windstream.
Though the United States continues to be at the forefront of technological innovation, much of the manufacturing of technology products has moved to countries like China, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea. The US imported $79.1-billion worth of computer and electronic products in the year ending March 2014, according to statistics from the US Census Bureau. The high tech industry in the United States is geographically concentrated. California has the greatest share of high tech industries by a fairly wide margin. Other states with significant high tech profiles include Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and, to a lesser extent, Virginia, Illinois and Colorado. High Tech Establishments and Employee Numbers in the United States
Business Type Employees on Payroll (USA) Total Establishments (USA) Establishments in California California Share of Total
Semiconductor machinery manufacturing 15,742 197 72 37%
Photographic and photocopying equipment manufacturing 4,403 207 58 28%
Electronic computer manufacturing 21,626 398 98 35%
Computer storage device manufacturing 15,927 134 56 42%
Computer terminal manufacturing 967 31 6 19%
Other computer peripheral equipment manufacturing 28,937 574 147 26%
Telephone apparatus manufacturing 20,113 297 60 20%
Broadcast and wireless communications equipment 78,526 809 197 24%
Semiconductor and related device manufacturing 98,386 922 323 35%
Search, detection, navigation, guidance, aeronautical, and nautical system and instrument manufacturing 143,592 592 115 19%
Computer and computer peripheral equipment and software merchant wholesalers 225,855 9,963 1,890 19%
Other electronic parts and equipment merchant wholesalers 288,146 12,773 2,615 20%
Computer and software stores 88,066 10,292 1,198 12%
Database and directory publishers 35,390 1,416 163 12%
Software publishers 362,410 7,445 1,297 17%
Data processing, hosting, and related services 401,079 12,294 1,727 14%
Internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals 135,554 6,398 1,419 22%
Engineering services 914,253 57,449 7,778 14%
Custom computer programming services 644,340 59,182 9,415 16%
Computer systems design services 524,599 49,135 5,772 12%
Computer facilities management services 111,096 5,634 629 11%
Other computer related services 164,829 11,886 1,606 14%
Research and development in biotechnology 110,605 3,336 863 26%
Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences (except biotechnology) 540,421 11,732 2,179 19%
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