How logistics state-of-the-art software helps a 3D printing company reshape the future of manufacturing.

“The challenge is not just one of controlling the 3D printing process, it’s controlling the entire logistical chain … we are fully connected with UPS software.” - Wilfried Vancraen, Founder, Materialise.
As Materialise develops new ways of manufacturing, UPS helps bring new technology to product designers and provides cost-effective and timely deliveries. When Wilfried Vancraen founded Materialise, he realised that additive manufacturing, or 3D printing as it is usually known, was a totally different approach to manufacturing. He had a vision of creating products for a better and healthier world. His company created new software that accelerated the process and opened up endless possibilities. Industrial, manufacturing and automotive companies could produce prototypes, one-offs and limited runs of parts quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. Surgeons could request custom-made surgical guides and implants. The fashion industry could create designs like nothing seen previously. This new and extremely agile means of production needed a logistics solution to match. After discussions with Materialise’s Head of Logistics, Bart Darius, UPS provided software that could be integrated with the company’s own, so that they had control of the entire logistical chain. This ensures that everything goes smoothly, reducing costs and risks and enabling Materialise to create shipments with one click of a button.
“UPS is way ahead regarding technical developments and anticipating all our needs.” -Bart Darius, Head of Logistics, Materialise.
As Materialise grows and finds new customers all over the world, it’s a constant challenge to ensure that customers’ needs are met efficiently and cost- effectively. UPS My Choice® allows for easy tracking, giving customers even more say in how they receive their deliveries. In addition to receiving proactive notifications for upcoming deliveries, customers can also reschedule or reroute their parcels if the delivery date or time isn’t convenient for them. Obviously, agility is all about being able to change things at a moment’s notice, and Materialise know that they can contact their UPS Account Manager at any time, but they also have monthly meetings with him to ensure that he stays close to the business. This allows him to check that their software is kept up-to-date and gives everyone a chance to discuss potential problems while they are still called opportunities. Get in touch with one of our logistics experts, and find out how agile solutions could help with your personal export challenges.