Teamwork, fast decision-making and flexible delivery solutions helped Cologne-based Music Store to grow globally.

“We’ve developed a very good partnership with our UPS account manager Semra Turk, she regularly comes to us with new ideas.” – Michael Sauer, Founder, Music Store
Music Store had opened their state-of-the-art logistics centre in 2011 with over 75,000 items in stock, including iconic brands such as Gibson, Fender and Steinway, as well as their own Fame brand. Agility is vital when markets are affected by uncertainty or political change. When export restrictions affected the once-lucrative Russian market, Music Store looked at new markets around the world. They also had to deal with increased online competition and rising expectations from their customers in terms of delivery and returns. Working together, UPS and Music Store were able to decide on a number of actions. Using our knowledge and expertise, we worked out ways to cut packaging and transport costs, as well as claims. Free shipping with higher-value orders encouraged bigger purchases and increased customer satisfaction. And we found there was a demand in the US for products from German companies like Neumann and Beyerdynamic.
“Many musicians work during the day and UPS Access Point™ means they can pick up their instruments whenever it suits them.”  – Michael Sauer, Founder, Music Store
Teamwork and fast decision-making were also key to solving one of Music Store’s biggest problems. Having bought a British online retailer, Music Store had to find a fast way to ship from the warehouse in Germany to customers in the UK. Introducing later collection times, integrating new state-of-the-art software and using the close proximity to the UPS Air Hub at Cologne/Bonn airport meant that Music Store could deliver across the UK within 24 hours. In order to accommodate extra demand, Semra Türk, Music Store’s UPS Account Manager, recommended the UPS Access Point network. With 22,000 locations worldwide, it allows customers to collect their parcel at a convenient place such as a newsagent or grocery store. UPS Access Point gave more delivery flexibility, made returns simpler and made it easier for customers, who include musicians that are often on the road, or working during the day, to collect their purchases. Get in touch with one of our logistics experts for agile solutions to help you solve your own retail and e-commerce challenges.