Interested in shipping to the US? We’ll help you get started and grow your business in what is still the Land of Opportunity. Exporting checklists. Charts and tools. Industry-specific information. Advice on products and services. This Guide contains just about everything you need to know.

Covering 3.8 million square miles and 50 states, the United States is still a Land of Opportunity for exporters. The World Bank rates it as one of the world’s easiest markets to do business in. But it’s still difficult to know how to get started. What about trade regulations? Supply chains? Customs clearance? The UPS US Lane Guide tells you all you need to know. Facts and figures. Compliance information. Charts and tools to help you target various market sectors. The Guide has everything that you’d expect and much more. It’s easy to pick out the sections that are relevant to you. The Guide breaks down information by US region, and by market sector, with solutions relevant to Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing, High-tech and Retail markets. A handy checklist takes you right through the exporting process, from determining costs (including Duties and Excise and The Harmonised System), right through to Payments and Returns. A Services Directory provides a useful short-cut to the products and services you’ll need. And the Guide even has a section on American corporate culture, with useful insights to help you sidestep potential pitfalls and be more successful in negotiations. With its vast size, strong competition and huge demographic differences, the US can be a daunting prospect for anyone new to doing business there. With this Guide you’ll have nothing to worry about. It will walk you through everything, taking you from exporting novice to logistics expert.

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